Tiger Airways Reviews & Complaints

Tiger Airways Reviews & Complaints

Tiger Airways have been grounded for all flights effective immediately until the 9th of July 2011.

On Thursday night, Tiger Airways flight A320 from Sydney approached Avalon Airport below a safe altitude level while attempting to land which was it’s second attempt to land. The initial attempt to land at the airport was abandoned to strong tail winds.

Tiger Airways Complaints Reviews – Business doesn’t take off, just like their planes!

Tiger Airways states that they are committed to safety and resolve any issues, but the fact remains that there are issues in the first place and in my own personal instances, my issues weren’t with planes coming in to land below a safe altitude, as they were more to deal with getting on the plane, even though I arrived nearly one full hour before check-in with NO luggage – I simply had to walk on and sit in the seat.

Apparently, a Tiger Airways check-in representative had done a call for anyone flying on that flight who I must have just missed, however I [Steve J.] never expected a “last call” for a flight approximately 50 minutes before take off!

After multiple attempt to state that I had NO luggage to check in and that I had only need to walk in and site down 50 minutes before take off, I was still flatly refused and told that the doors are now closed.

As the story goes, after I was refused to board that the flight and my next available Tiger Airways flight was the next day, it left me with no choice other than that I had to re-purchase a ticket, but this time I didn’t take any chances and bought a ticket with Qantas.

Before long and without to much effort, I had come across many other Tiger Airways complaints that were of a similar nature from people missing weddings through to important business meetings. So I made it my mission to save as many people as possible from this horribly and intolerable airline and if they never take off again, I’ll be a happier person!


“I will never fly with Tiger Airways again!”

I understand that you cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time, but Tiger Airways procedures and way of handling things is just ridiculous and I don’t say this as slander, but as fact which as been personally experienced and I will NEVER fly with them again

If you have had a Tiger Airways complaint, please let us know as we’d love to hear your Tiger tales!

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