Sydney Buses pulled off the road due to fire hazard

Sydney Buses On Fire – Natural Gas Ignites


DRIVERS are now refusing to work on approximately 700 Sydney-based gas-powered public buses, after one of the buses exploded into a fire ball caused by a natural gas explosion.

Despite many repeated requests about the incident over the past two months, STA has failed to provide the bus drivers with any detail about what happened.

Sydney government public bus fleet consists of approximately 2500 vehicles, of which 700 are gas powered. Drivers have stopped driving the gas powered buses which affect vehicles at five depots. Their action will disrupt some afternoon services and parents are being advised to contact schools for possible disruptions.

Mr Way said, “union bus drivers remained on the job but would not drive the gas powered buses until they were satisfied the safety issues had been resolved and had there been people on the bus, any people, let alone school children or the elderly, it would have been catastrophic.”

In the case where the Sydney bus exploded in to a fire ball it was luckily the driver got off before it all went up.

As far as the drivers were concerned, they [the buses] unsafe and until they can demonstrate that they are safe, the bus drivers are not going to drive them.