Sydney Limo Company Pick’s Up Tony Blair at Sydney Airport

Tony Blair Arrives In Sydney 2011 and is picked up by City Limousines Australia


A leading limousine company City Limousines Australia was contracted by Tony Blair to be picked up from Anthony Pratt’s private jet recently at Sydney Airport.

Prior to the arranged limo pickup, the Australian Federal Police had the limousines searched for any suspect objects etc which of course the vehicles came up squeaky clean.

While Tony was in Sydney, City Limousines Australia was their preferred chauffeur drivers for him and his entourage before jetting off to Perth for the remainder of his visit.

City Limousines Australia was proud to have serviced Tony and Anthony Pratt and looks forward to servicing them the next time they arrive in Sydney.

Sydney Airport – one of the most expensive in the world

It seems Sydney Airport is becoming more and more expensive since it was purchased by Macquarie Bank.

“Some say Sydney Airport is one of the most expensive in the world”


Recently, the ACCC has criticised Sydney Airport for increasing its profits at the expense of its customers by charging high rates for inferior services.

People arriving to pick up friends or relatives from Sydney Airport can often find themselves paying over $50 once they have bought a coffee a snack and parking.

The public isn’t the only ones that have been affected as public passenger vehicles such as shuttle bus and limo servicesare all paying a lot more with most shuttle bus and limousine services passing on the extra Sydney Airport parking costs to the passengers.

shuttle bus and limousine services passing on the extra Sydney Airport parking costs to the passengers”


Sydney limousine and shuttle bus operators had previously tried to take a class action against these recent and exorbitant price alterations.


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